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Venture throughout a strange home in free.will, a point and click horror game that sees you navigate through a dark house, rich with an even darker history. Discover the twisted secrets within the house walls as you delve deeper into the mystery. Click on items around the room to inspect them, and try to find the key to the next room. Use the space bar to scroll through text.

For the best experience, play with headphones in a dark environment.

And remember.
Free will is a disease.

Michael Valentino

Michael Valentino


Sindwiller(changes were made to Sindwiller's work)



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Great game! The plot and gameplay were both very interesting! Usually when I play these kinds of games I quit half-way through, but I played this one to the end! 

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Very good! I liked the point-and-click style, and the FNaF-esk minigames were a nice break from the spoopy point-and-click action. I feel like the one part with the doctor chasing you could be improved upon by making a puzzle instead of a guessing game. Also, minigames have WAY to much sensitivity. Other than that, great game! 

Free will is a disease.

I liked the plot of the game (although it's unclear why the doctor thought that free will is a bad thing.), although gameplay itself is kind of boring.

Aso, it's quite strange to make a game with Adobe Flash in 2018. This technology is dying.

This is some proper old school point and click horror shenanigans right here. The idea of sifting through a load of individual rooms to slowly but surely uncover the mystery of what's going on in this house of nightmares is a really good one, and I could feel my heart rate going up and up as I moved forward.

The "minigames" added an extra sense of individuality to the game too, a little break from the point and click exploration that added to the overall feel of everything. And the ending was great, too!

Keep up the awesome work, this was really fun and really mind-warping! =)

I like it! admittedly I havn't finished it yet. I plan to revisit it later. only thing I would say is the parts where you have to "inject" or "retrieve the child" the movements were very sensitive and it was really tough to get it to line up right.. I know its supposed to be a little challenging but perhaps the speed of it could drop a tiny bit. that's the only complaint so far :) certainly has a creepy vibe, sounds are good.. when I first found a piece of paper I bloody jumped haha.  good work :)